Winter Tree Care and Landscaping Tips

//Winter Tree Care and Landscaping Tips

Winter Tree Care and Landscaping Tips


  • Check house plants for dust build-up on leaves and clean with damp cloth.
  • Inventory garden tools for repair or replacement.
  • Check power tools for tune-up, repair or replacement.
  • Sketch a map of your yard and locate important plants.
  • Take a walk around your yard for ideas for new landscaping or renovation.
  • Visit garden shows for new planting ideas.
  • Schedule deep root watering for large trees if soil not frozen
  • Schedule pruning of fruit trees and American Elm Trees
  • Schedule complete yard walk-through for needed tree work


  • Check yard for tree and shrub branches that may be damaged by snow
  • Inspect trees for broken branches, damage, or hollow nesting sites
  • Make sure you brush heavy snows from your evergreen branches


  • Last chance to pruning of fruit trees and American Elm Trees
  • Review 2009 ArborScape work orders and renew needed work
  • Apply formant oils for scale on elms, fall on Spruce, Oak Borer
  • 1st Treatment of Kermis Scale on Red Oaks

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