When is the Best Time for a Sprinkler Blowout?

//When is the Best Time for a Sprinkler Blowout?

When is the Best Time for a Sprinkler Blowout?

A sprinkler blowout is usually best done in October in the northern climate of the United States.  When to turn off your sprinkler, however, can be a delicate balance of good timing and luck. Do it too early, and your lawn may lose precious water it needs to prepare for the winter. Wait too late, and sprinkler repairs may become necessary if  a hard freeze occurs.

Moving into a new home, or having a new sprinkler installation, can create uncertainty about how to handle the routine sprinkler maintenance at the end of the sprinkler season. You may want to call a sprinkler repair company of good reputation, at least the first time.

Most will do a free evaluation.  Contact us to get a quote. 

Sprinkler blowouts usually cost around $13.50 per zone with discounts available for larger systems.

We now focus on premier tree care and turf care in the Denver metro area, but have charged around $68 when providing the service in the past.  A professional-quality air compressor is crucial.  A good irrigation tech will know the recommended psi to be used, whether your brand of sprinkler system is Rainbird, Toro, Hunter or another brand.

So what’s the cost of not properly blowing out your sprinkler?

We once talked to a client who had an extra $800 on her monthly water bill because there was a leak in the system.  Sprinkler system repairs can include:

  • replacing blown out pumps
  • defective backflow preventers
  • cracks – a huge water waster

It’s easy to rack up hundreds of dollars in repair bills.  At worst, a hard freeze can cause a sprinkler system re-installation. A sprinkler system for a 5000 sq. foot lawn can cost $3500 or more to replace.

Makes a $68 blowout seem cheap and easy to do, doesn’t it?



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