Q: What do we do when a bee hive is in a tree targeted for trimming or plant health care?

A: We do have a process set-up should one of our teams discover a bee hive in your tree. As you probably are aware, preservation of hives is an emerging issue, and part of a sustainable tree care and canopy management program. On taller trees, the initial estimate may not uncover the presence of a bee hive until the crew shows up and gets in the tree.  If a hive is uncovered, we will have to contact a bee hive control services to have the hive humanely relocated. This is inconvenient because the actual scheduled tree services will need to be put-off to another day.

Now, signs of a hive in a tree might be lots of bees around a particular tree or visual evidence after leaf drop in the fall, so if you happen to notice either of these factors, let us know so we can take evasive action and get the proper service out BEFORE your scheduled work.  What about when we are spraying your trees and shrubs?

Q: What about when applying a tree spraying treatment?

A: Preparations do need to be made for bee preservation when applying tree spraying treatments. The hive itself is fine as the treatment cocktail we use preserves the hive. In addition we cover shrubs and gardens with tarps and during May when flowering trees are in bloom, we don’t spray. Bees play such a crucial role in pollinating your yard and creating a healthy horticultural environment in your neighborhood, so we do as much as we can to prevent any harm coming to them. Bee behavior is also helpful in that they will fly away during the leaf movement created when the tree is being sprayed.

A 4 year study by the Department of Agriculture showed that the application of pesticides was a very minor factor in bee colony collapse. The biggest factor was a fungus and mite infestation. The actual location of this fungus/mite outbreak was California and Oregon and not Colorado. It was also focused in orchards and rural agricultural lands, not the urban forest.

Top-performing landscaping companies will be conscientious in your yard with the beneficial insects in your yard including bees.