How to Prepare the Yard for a Graduation Party or Wedding

//How to Prepare the Yard for a Graduation Party or Wedding

How to Prepare the Yard for a Graduation Party or Wedding


Spring is under way and now is the time to think about your backyard occasion! Whether it be a graduation party or a wedding this is a great excuse to make your yard look amazing!

Having these celebrations at a venue can be an expensive endeavor. That’s why many people are having them in their backyard. They save money and the money they do spend gives back all summer long.

Take a look at this yard designed for a backyard wedding!

How to Prepare the Yard for a Graduation Party

Having your yard standout and look amazing for your occasion is not easy and can take weeks of hard work. That’s why it’s important to get help when the situation fits.

Some jobs to consider hiring someone for may be:

  • Tree Trimming – Your trees may be overgrown or have dead and unsightly branches that are hard to get to and require special equipment.
  • Plant Health Care – If one of your trees looks dead or dying a plant care specialist can see if this is curable.  If it’s unable to be cured a team can have it cut down for you instead.
  •  Bush Trimming – Trim back bushes that encroach on walkways so guests aren’t brushing leaves or needles off their nice suits and dresses.  Well trimmed bushes can really make your yard stand out.
  • Lawn Care Maintenance – A great lawn can give your guests a place to mingle and the kids a place to play while a mediocre lawn can drive the guests inside. Your lawn may need fertilization or a contact weed killer about a week before your event.
  • Stump Removal – Tripping over a tree stump is no fun. Now is the time to hire someone with a good stump grinder and who cleans up well.


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By hiring professionals you can be sure the job will be done right and that it will save you much needed time that can be used in other parts of the planning process, such as creating your guest list or deciding what food to serve.


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