Updated 8/12/2013

One way to evaluate different horticultural contractors is to shop around and talk to different tree and lawn care businesses. We personally think this is the long way around (not to mention a lot of time to invest in hiring a contractor).

Instead we suggest our clients piggyback on what others have said when they shopped around.

Tree Service Reviews Where To Look

Enter HomeAdvisor contractor ratings.

ArborScape has been a part of HomeAdvisor’s contractor network since it was an upstart company, sending leads to our cell phone. They were smart enough to invest in a contractor ratings system that is very robust.

Other services have become important as well for reviewing tree services. Yelp features fewer reviews but writers seem to take relish in making well crafted reviews and being one of the first to share their experience with others.

Thumbtack is newer and like HomeAdvisor, promises several free estimates when a customer fill out a form. Thumbtacks’ doesn’t have a lot of reviews but appears to be growing, in the Denver market at least.

Our ratings aren’t always a 100% positive, nor should they be. We don’t do every job exactly as we thought because trees sometimes reveal new conditions. Like doctors, arborists encounter new conditions and symptoms as they discover more about the tree’s overall health.  And we couldn’t improve and learn without honest feedback.

Also Google users, if you want to leave a review of Arborscape we appreciate the feedback. Google introduced  a Zagat rating system just like the restaurants. However, the star system wasn’t popular with companies or customers who thought it was too confusing. Evidently the like button on Facebook has gotten us used to simpler one glacne reviews of palces we want to try. Now on Google you may see stars or a +1 which is the google social networs version of a Like. Google is thought to phasing out the starts for a third way.

Either way, if you’re a tree service customer, letting your feedback be heard online is a great way to share  your experiences.  And please let us know how we are doing – we always appreciate it.

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