Tree Service Calendar for Colorado

//Tree Service Calendar for Colorado

Tree Service Calendar for Colorado


ArborScape continually maintains a tree service calendar for Colorado so you can know the proper timing of plant health care applications.

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This tree care calendar is tied in to our service offerings.  When you apply treatment is as important as what you apply. Both matter equally to the success of your thriving turf and trees.

Tree Care Success
What our plant healthcare team realized – crunching the numbers used to measure quality differences from yard to yard – is that customers are shortchanging themselves when they order a one-time service.

ArborScape’s tree health philosophy is not built on a quick fix. We apply a hybrid method using PHC and integrated pest management (IPM) to limit chemicals placed in your yard and amplify cultural practices that keep trees healthy proactively – before they’re attacked by disease or insects.

Our tree service calendar signals to you a solution-based approach, instead of a product-based approach.  There are a number of tree companies in Denver who sell you products. ArborScape sells a solution that works every time, if you let it.  The calendar is the road map for that solution.

Plant Health Care Success Plan

One-time services we do offer are:

  • lawn aeration in fall or spring
  • pre-emergent lawn fertilization in the spring
  • deep root fertilization in spring or fall
  • mountain pine beetle spraying
  • certain types of special preventive tree spraying

Aphid control will be packaged as part of our 3-step,  5 step or 7- step PHC treatment plans.  Lawn weed service in the summer will also be part of our 4-step or 5-step or 7-step lawn service solution. We don’t want to take your money for solutions that don’t fully treat the issue.  However it is your responsibility not to shortchange your yard.

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