Tree Care Mistakes? What Have You Done to Your Trees that You’ve Regretted?

//Tree Care Mistakes? What Have You Done to Your Trees that You’ve Regretted?

Tree Care Mistakes? What Have You Done to Your Trees that You’ve Regretted?


Have you over-fertilized or overwatered a tree? Had a loved tree removed and then found it could have been bolted and cabled to preserve it? Or had a crown pruning, also called “topping a tree” only to have the next seasons reveal an ugly, sucker laden monstrosity?

We all have made these tree care mistakes with our trees. Leave your comments below Denver peeps so we can all learn

Here are some common mistakes in Denver tree care

Tree Care Mistakes

This tree was drowned!


In 2012, fertilizing your drought-stricken trees this fall could be a case of too much of a good thing.

Salts in fertilizer may burn roots when there is not sufficient water?Fertilizers may also stimulate top growth resulting in too much leaf area on the plant for the root system to maintain during periods of limited soil moisture!

No one is perfect when working with trees. In our collective experience, the dumbest thing that arborists, landscapers and homeowners do is use RoundUp or other potent herbicides and weedkillers around a tree and kill it.

Dupont is embroiled in damage control and paying out claims from a herbicide they introduced that allegedly killed thousands of trees.

“…Introduced in 2010 as an eco-friendly weed killer for lawns, this one is responsible for killing or damaging hundreds of thousands of trees.
As the New York Times reported, “Weeks after homeowners and lawn care professionals began applying the new product on lawns, golf courses and cemeteries around the country in the spring last year, many trees on those properties, primarily conifers, started turning brown and dying. By August, DuPont had pulled it from the market, and the federal EPA banned it shortly afterward.” – OneEarth

While Dupont needs to make better products, experienced arborists avoided the unproven herbicide as there was no data yet on its effectiveness.

Mistakes can be avoided. Let us know about your tree disasters.

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