Springtime Tree Pests

//Springtime Tree Pests

Springtime Tree Pests


Spring is the key time to protect your trees from wood-boring insects. Effective preventive treatments are available for your landscape trees!

Ash Borer (clearwing) – Ash trees are the main targets for this insect. Attacks usually are found in the area where the branches attach to the main trunk. Although it may take two years to kill an entire tree, dead branches can make an unsightly addition to your landscape.

IPS Beetle – IPS beetle attacks spruce trees that are newly planted or stressed from drought or root damage. Multiple generations can occur every year. This pest requires two treatments each year. Pine trees are also vulnerable to this insect.

Mountain Pine Beetle – The much-read-about Mountain Pine Beetle could be looking for a home in your landscape. Most recognized from news reports in the high country, this insect can also attack trees in ornamental settings all along the front range, and has been seen along the natural settings of the Pinery south of Denver.



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