Denver Firewood Sourcing Roundup

//Denver Firewood Sourcing Roundup

Denver Firewood Sourcing Roundup

Winter’s brought us a lot of ups and downs so far this time around – and a lot of folks who prepared for cold early, seemingly by scarfing up all the available firewood for miles around!

Speaking for ArborScape, we’re sadly out of firewood ourselves, with no more available seasoned and for sale until next year. But that doesn’t mean there’s no way to find decent wood for your fireplace – just that you may to get a bit creative in your search!

Read on for tips, resources and merchants who may still have a limited supply for greater Denver firewood and the surrounding metro areas too.

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ground-floor basic: Networking

That’s right, start your search out low-tech and cost-free by simply asking around. Sometimes it slips our minds that sourcing our circle opens up ever greater circles of access, and if your friends and neighbors don’t have anything to spare, they may know someone who does, or who can point you to someone who does.  Tell everyone you’re looking for affordable wood and will clean up wood debris, work sites or take away unused wood.  You might be surprised who’ll call you with an offer or tip. Always be on the hunt.

Sourcing leftovers

Burn Piles – When lots are being cleared for construction, the trees are often cleared by professionals who take out the “cash” trees, leaving behind “scrub” trees’ branches and stumps.  This wood is piled up with a bulldozer and left to age and wait to be burned.  Burn piles can provide truckloads of wood.  

First ask the landowner or contractor and get permission.  Some will say no, stating problems with insurance.  In that case, keep looking.  If you get the go ahead, do inspect any wood carefully.  Be sure it has not been covered with dirt or rocks – which will ruin a chainsaw blade quickly and end up costing you money.  Look carefully and harvest the hardwood first.

Dumpsters – Construction sites often discard end pieces of wood.  Ask first, then carefully pick out burnable wood.  Watch out for nails and pretreated or painted wood.  Pretreated and painted wood can give off nasty fumes and is not recommended for woodstoves. Manufacturers who have goods and equipment shipped in wooden crates are also good sources for free wood.  

Landscapers, Arborists and Logging Companies – All of these professionals create wood capable of becoming firewood.  Often, like Arborscape, professional arborist and tree companies as well as professional landscapers have large amounts of scrap wood from tree pruning and removal, which they may sell; sometimes smaller companies’ employees moonlight and sell firewood from work sites on the side. it never hurts to call and ask if there are sites you can help clean and haul away their debris, or if the business may have wood for sale. Some wood professionals will decide scrap. branches, et c. are too small in diameter to be worth dealing with, and it might be available.

Mills – Sawmills, cabinet makers, furniture makers, and wood manufacturers all create scrap lumber.  Contact them and arrange to pick up end cuts.  Sometimes you’ll even be saving them disposal costs – a win-win for everyone.

Ads and sales

Freebie sites – Almost goes without saying, but don’t forget to check the free advertising sites on the internet like Craigslist ,  Freecycle,   SuperPages,   City Data,  Free Ad,  Trading Post, et c. for postings for free firewood.  Also watch the local newspapers, supermarket bulletin boards, church notice boards and free ad papers.

Local merchants for Denver firewood

Santa Fe Sand and Gravel – located in Littleton, between mineral and bowles, west side of santa fe., 303-794-5960
Sells pine, piñon and oak firewoods as well as kindling. Call or visit website to order.

Variety Firewood – 8895 E.Iliff Ave, Denver, Colorado – At Variety Firewood we offer a wide variety of split dry firewoods for fireplaces, stoves, chimeneas, Pine – Pinon – Oak – and City mix for example,  we are open year round and offer woods for camping!   We supply several restaurants with Oak for pizza ovens!

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