If you see dead spots on your lawn, it may be a fungus called necrotic ring spot (NRS). 

Necrotic Ring Spot is a fungal disease that does the majority of its damage on the roots of your turf and grass. Due to the disease’s hardy nature, managing the disease can be rather difficult.  It requires an approach that utilizes chemical and cultural practices.

 For best results we recommend a 6 stop summer lawn service cycle with two aerations and two fungicide treatments.  This will make your lawn hardy, healthy and able to survive the disease.
Treatment with Merit by Bayer will help stop the spread of NRS. If turf areas are damaged, “over seeding” will be needed on those areas.

ring spots on lawnIdentifying Ring Spot on Lawn

Ring spots are relatively easy to spot.  Look for dead or light green rings or circular patches that come during the cool, wet weather.  If uncontrolled the disease will leave much larger dead spots that can range from two to three feet increasing in size each successive season.

We’re prone to the disease, partially, due Colorado’s semi-desert climate which adds extra stress to the grass.  The disease is prone to attacking weakened or stressed turf and grass. That’s why the most important thing to do is keep your grass healthy and vibrant by receiving proper fertilization, watering and aerations.

Turf and grass that is severely infected can easily be removed and replaced.  This is because the widespread rotting of the roots will make it easy to remove.

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