Prepare Trees for Any Storm

//Prepare Trees for Any Storm

Prepare Trees for Any Storm

Weather has become extremely unpredictable these last few years, with summer heat rising consistently above 100 degrees and winter blizzards that have decimated whole neighborhoods.

To be ready for any winter storm that may hit this coming year, it’s key to get your trees all set ahead of time. So how do we prepare our trees for the storms that will likely sweep over our mountains and cause all this damage?

Your best chance to avoid your trees being damaged is by providing them with the right care so they can stand up to whatever mother nature throws at them.

The majority of trees that fall from a storm are not pruned and are overgrown.  Overgrown trees fall because the branches are too far from the base of the tree making the branches too heavy to handle when harsh weather comes through.  In many cases it can also be due to having more service area for snow to pile onto.  Have your local tree care company prune your trees this summer or fall and avoid any unnecessary damages this winter.

Another worry: trees that are located in troublesome areas.  These trees can create risk to both property and safety and should be considered for removal.  If you decide not to remove the tree make sure it is healthy because a healthy tree has strong roots and branches that will help it defend against any storm.

Health of the tree is one of the greatest factors in determining whether a tree will survive a storm.

Make sure to follow these tips for fall tree care.

  • Water your trees year round – This is because your trees are still taking in nutrients and water is a huge part of the trees way to develop roots.
  • Receive a deep root fertilization – If your trees are having any issues a deep root fertilization could be the boost it needs.  Deep root fertilization help the tree by providing nutrients deep into the root system, where the absorption takes place, and breaking up the soil underground allowing air to reach the roots.
  • Stake up any young trees – Although staking trees can be damaging to a tree if left on for more then a year, a good staking can help a young tree survive a rough winter year.
  • Get a fall lawn aeration – Aerations break up the thatch allowing air and water to better penetrate the roots of your grass and trees.

We also recommend that you remove sick trees ASAP, so they don’t fall over unexpectedly during rough weather.

Prepare trees for any storm


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