Postal Service Hires Arborscape for Massive Tree Care Project

//Postal Service Hires Arborscape for Massive Tree Care Project

Postal Service Hires Arborscape for Massive Tree Care Project

The United States Postal Service (USPS) distribution center in Denver chose ArborScape for its tree maintenance contract for 2012.

It is one of the largest jobs in company history.  ArborScape beat out four competing tree companies by offering a better range of tree care services.

“We are happy to serve the USPS.  I believe we stood out because of our history and our offering includes some preventive maintenance. We find that companies and organizations appreciate our sustainable approach, ”  David Merriman said.

According to Merriman, Commercial Project Manager, the job specs are:

  • 50 work days.
  • 525 trees being trimmed
  • Removal of 60 trees. Trees that are dead or violating building or security codes.
  • Bush trimming for 50 shrubs 3ft high.
  • Traffic mitigation on street pruning.
  • Preventive ash borer and IPS beetle sprays for spruce.
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) using deep root fertilization.

This is a job that really brings all the tools and skills of the whole organization.

With such a great number of plants to be taken care  of all the companies million dollars in equipment will be used to get this job done on time and on budget.

The plant health care employees will be focusing on making sure the tree sprays and deep root fertilization’s are done properly insuring the health of the plants for many years to come.

Tree trimming with proper ANSI guidelines will bring the trees within site line codes.

“Tree trimming is for safety, but it is also a form of IPM if you do it right,” Matt Johnson, Marketing Director for ArborScape said. “Proper tree trimming allows trees to use their natural energy process and grow in a more shapely fashion cutting future maintenance costs for canopy cultivation.”

The USPS is located in east Aurora where it is dry and windy making the plant health care services important if they want to maintain their canopy.

The deep root fertilization will allow the root zone to flourish and store water, especially in evergreens such as a spruce trees.  Which is good considering the drought conditions this year.

Besides adding to the aesthetics of the property, the USPS also needs Arborscape’s service to comply with safety regulations.

Many of the trees will be trimmed leaving a three foot clearance, from any fence line, so that people cannot climb over the fence to gain entry.  The shrub raising will  make it so a perpetrator can’t hide behind or under them.

ArborScape’s strict project management guidelines include Posting safety rules and Conducting work to  ANSI standards.

Arborist pre-job and and post-job safety reviews to ensure the job is done right without damage to person, place or thing.

“This job has many challenges that require both the skills and equipment that we at ArborScape offer,”  Merriman said.



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