You’ll notice, if you’ve been an ArborScape plant health care customer for a few years, that our service relies a lot on seasonal timing. For example, if you need your crab-apple trimmed we insist you wait until winter, and if you have an IPS beetle problem, then we’ll have to treat for that in March through early May. It can be inconvenient for a new customer to call RIGHT AFTER that window closes, only to learn they’ll have to wait a year to get that treatment! But the fact is that the timing matters! And we like to provide the highest quality service and part of that is applying the right treatment on the right tree for the right disease or pest condition at the right time. 

If a tree service ISN’T doing that then it’s malpractice simply because the right treatment is ineffective at the wrong time. While the customer may have some temporary peace of mind; that assurance in both the health of their tree and and in the integrity of the company will quickly fade away as quickly as that tree dies off too soon. 

The core function of a plant health care program is to insure your tree’s health and lifespan. Most homeowners want a beautiful and well-maintained canopy but it takes work, patience and time. 

In a recent press release from the Rocky Mountain chapter of the International Society of  Arborists, there is a great quote from a certified master arborist, Tchukki Andersen. ” Attempting to force beauty onto trees and shrubs with bad pruning methods and overzealous spraying for pests is a haphazard approach that wastes time and money.” 

So true!

A plant health care (PHC) plan can help the landscape thrive and give back some of the time you envisioned to enjoy the results, according to Andersen. 

What is PHC exactly? Trees are regarded as valuable assets for your property. They even can be replaced according to several different formulas which calculate their intrinsic value not unlike a stock. As such they deserve long-term and proper care to nurture them through their entire life-cycle, from planting to decline. Trees that are not watered, where aphids are allowed to substantially defoliate and where soils don’t have enough nutrients, can lose decades off their healthy lifespan. A PHC program accomplishes this by using specialized monitoring and problem-solving methods designed to prevent high-cost tree replacement in the long-run.

Our PHC techs do more than just spray and go.  They work closely with property owners and identify emerging problems to control before they threaten a plant or tree. 

Variations in climate, in terms of temperature and moisture make a tree’s natural journey to maturity especially over the past few decades, more complicated than just planting and moving on. 

That’s why the best company to enroll for your PHC plan is one with a certified arborist and one who has a proper license for pesticide applications. They will understand not only the tree but the conditions in your yard and similar problems propping up within your micro-climate (your subdivision, zip code or town) to prepare and prevent. Total elimination of  undesirable pests is no longer considered viable with customers more concerned with balanced pesticide use, protection of water resources and, of course, cost.  A good PHC arborist will gauge how many natural balancing agents such as insects, as well as water and soil conditions and past maintenance, to form a plan for your yard. 

The treatments used in PHC are more than just deep root fertilization and pesticide spraying. Persistent spraying controls costs and are also effective for specific pests that have emerged as a threat. A known example of this type of pest would be emerald ash borer or mountain pine beetle. The best treatments work in conjunction with natural processes as well as organic methods and techniques  such as restorative tree pruning, removing and replacing dying trees, and mulching bare soil beneath the tree. Soil testing and planting native species, which are naturally hardy in your area, are also important. 

It’s not for everyone. PHC helps your trees and is best for people who take pride in their property, want to build a valuable outdoor area and provide a beautiful and healthy landscape for family, employees & customers for commercial, and the general public. It’s for people who value their trees and plants.  If you need a free quote, we’d be glad to come by and do a detailed analysis.  Contact us here.