As you are probably aware, your ornamental fruit tree is susceptible to disease and bugs.

Whether you desire an ornamental fruit tree for its aesthetics or you wish to pick fruit off your tree, you should develop a plan to help the tree fight off these pesky predators.

And what better way to help put a smile on your fruit tree’s face than by utilizing the organic way!

So, first things first.

Preventative medicine is best applied by a reputable and honest tree care company.

Our Denver arborists can work with you to develop an organic tree care program that works best for your beloved fruit tree.

Good Food and Environment Make For a Healthy Body

A fruit tree is a living being and needs sustenance and nurturing to thrive and grow.  Five things are crucial to a healthy fruit tree.

1.  Make sure the soil has all of the essential fruit tree minerals to maintain optimum health.

2.  Feed your fruit trees an organic compost and apply mulch around the base, making sure to not put too much in contact with the trunk to avoid collar-rot.

3.  Spray organic, beneficial fungi and bacteria on the fruit tree. This beneficial fungi and bacteria help ward off the bad critters.

4.  Plant aromatic or pungent plants like marigolds, chives, rosemary, or garlic under your tree. The strong smell of these natural plants will help confuse predators and keep them away from your fruit trees.

5.  Prune the fruit tree of dead or diseased branches.

Preventative medicine is the best practice, but sometimes even after practicing this method your fruit tree might still fall prey to disease and bugs.

In Part 2 of Organic Fruit Tree Care we will discuss a few organic treatment methods that will beat back these interlopers.