Apropos of nothing but interesting…

– Trees have uses we’ve never known about;  To name a few from the list: swings, lacquer, boat caulking, tambourines, sausage casings, and hockey sticks!

– World’s oldest living tree discovered in California in 2009. It’s a Jurupa oak, it’s 13,000 years old, and it has renewed itself to help it survive periods of drought, frost, storms and high winds! (Ed. – the “oldest” tree comment is all in how it’s worded. So this may not be the oldest tree in the world).

– Here’s another good article, The Oldest Trees on the Planet

General Sherman, Calif.

– The world’s largest single stem, non-clonal tree, by volume, is the General Sherman tree, a giant Sequoia, with a volume of 52,500 cubic feet located in California. General Sherman is 275 feet tall.

– The world’s largest single-stem tree ever was the Lindsey Creek tree, California Redwood. This tree’s volume was at least 90,000 cubic feet. It fell over in a storm in 1905.  ( Ed. – there are other good facts on this UN site, like the most dangerous tree and the slowest growing tree)

– There are about 314 million results for the word “tree” in Google’s search engine. In comparison “monkey” (those creatures that like to swing in trees) has 3.3 billion search returns.

– Here’s a treehouse that sold for $7 million in 2006.

– NASA estimated that there are 400,246,300,201 (over 400 billion) trees on the planet. That’s 61 trees for every living person.


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