Oak Decline at the Heart of Biking Fundraiser

//Oak Decline at the Heart of Biking Fundraiser

Oak Decline at the Heart of Biking Fundraiser

Oak Decline at the Heart of Biking Fundraiser

A Ride for Research by the International Society of Arboriculture on 23 March is aiming to raise funds from sponsored bike riders for urban tree research.
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Oak Decline at the Heart of Biking Fundraiser - ArborScape Denver Tree Service blog

The event also aims to be an educational vehicle to raise the importance of urban trees directly to school children.  Tree safety consultant Dr. David Lonsdale said the ISA UKI Chapter (Britain) ride will focus on raising funds for tree disease research.

“Research on trees, especially on diseases, is now more important than ever before. In the UK, we face an unprecedented number of serious diseases and “pests” that have either been newly discovered, or that have arrived here through international trade,” Lonsdale said.

“At the same time, climate change seems to be making matters worse, by creating favourable conditions for a range of diseases and pests. On top of all this, massive cuts in public spending are causing concern about our ability to do research and to care for our trees. I am therefore delighted that the ISA UK/I Chapter ‘Ride for Research’ will be supporting research on acute oak decline, one of the most potentially worrying ‘new’ diseases.”

So far 23 are signed up (with a cap of 30 riders). Riders range from tree officers, consultants and contractors to people who just love trees.

Each rider will be required to raise at least £200. With 25-30 riders £6000 could be raised.

The first ride in 2011 will focus on acute oak decline (AOD). Sandra Denman, project leader of the AOD project advises that £5,000 could buy useful equipment that the project currently lacks. This equipment could also be used by Forest Research for other projects.

The circular 15 mile cycling tour will visit three London school in Brent, Camden & Harrow

In each ‘tarmac blighted’ school, two or three trees will be planted. At each school, children will be involved in the planting – a key opportunity to convey the benefits of urban trees.



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