Outlook for Mountains Dry

Our Colorado mountain landscape is in rough shape due to the 2012 fires that have destroyed acres of trees and wildlife coupled with the continued destruction by the Mountain Pine Beetles (MPB) and IPS Beetles that have continued their march of destruction through our forests. MPB activity was lower in 2012 and in Grand and Summit County, the loss of most desirable adult lodgepoles, means 2013 will likely be lower still. Mostly because there are no more trees that MPB target.

The focus for politicians and tree care professionals is recovery.  Throughout history there have been fires and infestations that help clear out the forest leaving room for new growth.  The problem is that we’re in an uncharted climate where we don’t know how exactly the landscape will recover.

CSU professor Bill Jacobi

“We have good data from pre-ips beetle era  …  from 20 years ago, so we can go back and compare, but it’s important to remember that we’re in whole different precipitation and temperature mode. The past 10 years have been much hotter and drier,” he said. “We don’t know what really should be normal in terms of regrowth.  To regenerate the Pinon pine we need enough moisture to get the seeds to sprout and take root and in these warm climates and this is looking unlikely or at best a slow process.”

Earth Day | April 22nd

Its become more important than ever for us to care about our landscape and planet we live on.  “Earth Day” is a an annual day in which events are held all over the world to show support for environmental protection and education.

Earth Day has has grown from a small grass root level holiday into a holiday celebrated by 192 countries and more than a billion people.  Groups that support the holiday are passionate about making earth day a day of action that will change human behavior and in turn create policy change.

We encourage you to get out with your community to any one of the many events held.  If that isn’t an option plant a tree or ride your bicycle and be a living example.

Here at ArborScape, every year we become more sustainable and find new ways to reduce negative impact we  have on the planet.

Learn about some things Arborscape is doing to help.

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