Update June 26, 2013 – Denver Water moved to a Stage 1 alert from Stage 2 meaning you can water three days per week.

Have you checked out Denver Water lately? If you have you’d know a stage 2 drought is in effect. This means we have 2 outside watering days a week, starting in April. These will be mandatory watering restrictions. Watering restrictions begin April 1st.

Denver Water customers can water two days a week on the following schedule:

  •  Single-family residential properties with addresses ending in even numbers water on Sunday, Thursday.
  •  Single-family residential properties with addresses ending in odd numbers water on Saturday, Wednesday.
  • All other properties (multi-family, HOAs, commercial, industrial, government) water on Tuesday, Friday.

Watering Restrictions and Conservation

The good news is Denver Water is offering $75 dollar discount on high-efficiency toilets. We depend on our reservoirs to fill up and store water for our usage throughout the year. This year our reservoirs are at an all time low. “We’ve never seen conditions like this, and we are concerned about our water supply,” said Jim Lochhead, CEO and manager of Denver Water.

Conservation is what Denver Water preaches to its customers. There are many ways to conserve water for your yard and garden as well as households. We encourage everyone to fix leaks, fix running toilets, buy low-flow shower heads and toilets as well as aerating your lawn and using drip hoses for trees. With our Colorado community becoming larger every year and rain/snow fall becoming less abundant it’s important we take conservatory measures. “Use only what you need”