Making a Quality Difference in Your Yard

//Making a Quality Difference in Your Yard

Making a Quality Difference in Your Yard


In 2011, our theme is Making a Quality Difference in Your Yard.

Tree make the yard.  No question.  Trees grow on average about 10 percent per year during their maturing phase. Most tree services raise prices 10 percent based on that figure.

In 2011 we are only increasing prices 3 percent and there is no price increase for those who prepay.

We bought a third dedicated plant health care vehicle, a 2003 GMC Diesel. We are also cutting $2,929 from our budget for finding new customers and dedicating it to improving our service for existing PHC customers.

This year, we have a better plan for combating mite control then we did in 2010. We have a better plan to stop the spread of fire blight in apple trees then we did in 2010. And, we are building out a customer database to simplify our service for you.

  • If you need two days notice, we’ll know.
  • If you have a dog that needs to come in before we come to spray, we’ll know.
  • If you have another tree for us to look at, the PHC consultant will document the tree and diagnose what it needs.

Last year, 2010 we had amazing success.  We only documented one lost tree to mountain pine beetle. That is out of over 5000 pine trees sprayed! We also served twice as many customers and serviced nearly three times the amount of trees then we ever have.

The one thing that will be the same in 2011 as 2010 is that we are the best tree company in Denver for taking care of your trees in terms of quality and service and price.  Call around if you don’t believe me.


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