Congratulations on buying your new house! Now that you have made an exciting new investment it is time to consider how you can optimize your new home.

The lawn is a great place to start adding value while making your new investment look great. The question you may be pondering is where to start, especially if the past owner didn’t maintain the lawn up to your standards?

The lawn is a great place to begin because you can see results quickly unlike with gardens and trees that may take years to have any visual  impact.

The first thing to do is assess the current condition. What is your lawn’s situation? Do you already have a nice lawn but it needs maintenance such as lawn aeration, lawn spraying or weed pulling to keep it looking good? Or maybe you have a yard full of dirt or turf in such bad shape that it needs to be completely re-planted.

If you believe it would be best to keep your current lawn do your research and find out if you can do the maintenance yourself or if you need to call your local lawn weed service .

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Now if you are in a situation where you need a whole new lawn it is imperative you research different types of grass species.

Denver CO is notoriously hard to grow in because the area is extremely dry and lacks the large amount of moisture that many plants need. Even Kentucky bluegrass may not be the best option for example.

Other things to research are:

  • What plants will flourish in your unique environment.
  • Which trees are prone to disease.
  • How much maintenance does a given lawn species need.
  • What kind of fertilizing and watering schedule should be used.
  • How much will sod cost and what will the watering schedule need top be. 

No matter what your new home buying situation is lawn care in Denver will help make your investment more valuable and make your home standout.