Lawn Care Services We Don’t Provide

//Lawn Care Services We Don’t Provide

Lawn Care Services We Don’t Provide


You can tell a lot about a Denver lawn service company by looking at what they don’t provide and why. It seems like good business to offer services you do well and believe in.

We understand that you want a one-stop yard service that can do it all. We want a one-stop marketing agency that can do it all. Isn’t it difficult to get it all?

This article is about lawn services that we don’t provide and why. Effective training, expertise and whether we think something works for a Colorado lawn are all factors we consider before unveiling new lawn care services.

Here are six services we don’t offer and the reasons why.

1. Power raking – Power raking takes a lot of the thatch out of the grass. That’s fine in the South and rainier environments along the East or West Coast. We believe it isn’t good for Colorado lawns because it is much drier here.

Power raking strips away the thatch which naturally helps the soil zone retain water. On average, Denver only gets seven more inches of rain than Phoenix.

Lawn Care Services We Don't Provide

2.  Overseeding – We pondered offering this service in conjunction with our lawn aeration and lawn fertilization services but decided against it.

The reason is it really can rip up the grass over the short run. Secondly, birds eat a lot of the seeds before they can take root in the soil.

3.  Lawnmowing – Nothing wrong with mowing lawns. It’s simply that there are a ton of mowing guys out there who do it very well. Try Craigslist in Denver for that.

4. Sprinkler work – We did offer this service for our first 10 years in business. But as David, the owner and operations manager was called to manage seven crews instead of three, we in turn lost our best irrigation tech, again David. When we find the right people and right training program we may offer irrigation again.

5. Sod – We have installed sod but we don’t control the watering schedule. It’s really hard to guarantee the sod will get the incredible amount of water it needs to take root.

6. Tree Planting – One in eight newly planted trees don’t make it. Since we don’t source our own trees it made it very difficult for us to live up to our guarantees.  Instead we recommend Jared’s Tree Nursery. We’ve arranged a discount when you mention ArborScape’s website.  They sell high quality trees, have a good guarantee and a team of tree installers they work with. 

So what should you do with us? Start with a Denver lawn aeration. It makes everything else, including Nature, work better.



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