Lawn Aeration – Boring and Effective

//Lawn Aeration – Boring and Effective

Lawn Aeration – Boring and Effective


I’ll admit it. Lawn aeration is not the most exciting thing to talk about.

I’ve even had to resort to the “got aeration?” tactic in our ads, which in my 10 years as a copywriter I’ve never had to do. Aeration is plain boring, just like the “got_______” campaigns you see everywhere.

Aeration is cheap and effective, making your lawn do what it naturally does. Nutrients are released, water can get to the root zone. The limited holes created are enough to allow in oxygen yet not allow water to leach out nutrients.


A Denver aerate should be done on a yearly basis for most yards, twice a year for compacted lawns and not at all on new sod.

Aeration junkies profess that you should aerate 4 or 5 times a season. Some do-it-yourself sites have an aeration analysis process which talks about a three week waiting time for renting an aerating,  getting the aerator, doing the aeration, followed by further checking.

Sounds tiring for most people.

For an average size yard, the price for having an aeration service come is the same or cheaper then as renting an aerator. So unless you love to do everything in your yard and want to do triple passes everywhere, I think your time is better spent in the garden, watching TV or staring at a wall.

That’s all I got to say as I fight to stay awake while writing this post.  Maybe it’s only boring writers who find aeration boring?

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