With record setting temperatures and extreme drought conditions how can Colorado homeowners keep their lawns green and weed free?

Throughout the Colorado region homeowners are struggling to keep their lawns healthy.  This damage will take several season for most homeowners to fix the lawn problems that will be created this season.

So what are the few home owners that have relatively healthy grass doing right?

According to Andrew Maestas, Arborscape’s plant health care manager “Consistent watering will not be possible in many Colorado areas however, I have noticed that, people who started with the weed and feed pre-emergent are doing much better”.

Your goals should be to have a healthy lawn that is relatively weed, disease and insect free for the coming seasons.

If your lawn becomes diseased it can take several seasons for it to recover

Here are some of the things that home owners with healthy lawns are doing:

  • Watering in the early morning or late at night. before 6am and 10pm to reduce evaporation.
  • Keeping their grass clipping on the lawn. This provides nutrients and helps your soil retain moisture.
  • Letting the weather dictate watering. Do not water when it has recently rained.
  • Aerating their lawn to break up thatch and allow water to penetrate the soil easier.
  • Mowing their lawn 2.5 to 3 inches high.  Mowing below this can make it hard for your grass to tolerate heat and drought conditions.

By giving your lawn a weed and feed treatment and following the above recommendations you still may not be able to have that perfect lawn you dreamed about.  Unfortunately, due to the current conditions the perfect lawn you really want is unlikely to happen.

Taking care of your lawn now will  save you time and money in the future seasons.