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Juniper Removal

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Juniper Removal

Juniper bushes are native to Colorado and can grow in many different kinds of soil as long as it provides ample drainage.

If you’re considering planting a bush in your yard, juniper plants are considered a rugged plant that can grow in many light conditions and survive drought conditions. Just remember that removing them is a chore compared to other hedge species. Even a moderate size juniper bush can take a day or longer to remove the shrubs and especially the root system. It is hard and labor intensive work, so juniper removals can cost more than you’d anticipate. 

Juniper removal can be tricky!

Dense foliage and tenacious roots make removing even a modest size juniper an all day chore.

The Downsides of Juniper

  • Highly Flammable
  • Can Easily Overtake a Lawn
  • Require Constant Maintenance
  • Removal Leaves Soil Acidic

The other factor that makes junipers a hard plant to remove, is the tenacity of the roots. If not completely removed, the juniper may sprout up again with new life, typically within one year.  If you see any juniper shooters, remove them immediately. When providing a juniper removal,  we remove as much of the root system as possible. We also can grind the stump and roots.

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