Juniper removal is a common service that we provide in the Denver Metro area.  Juniper are planted by home owners for privacy and aesthetic appeal.  Along with their positive qualities they also have negative qualities such as being very flammable. Juniper shrubs are tenacious plants that grow quickly and can take over a lawn or shade over other plants, stunting their growth.  Since, juniper bushes grow quickly, they require constant trimming or they will look unkempt. When removed they will leave the soil very acidic making it hard to grow flowers in its place.

Juniper removal can be a tricky process because they have thick foliage that takes more work to remove than people realize and can create a mess for clean up.

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The other factor that makes junipers a hard plant to remove is the tenacity of the roots. If not completely removed, the juniper sometimes will sprout up again with new life, typically within one year.  If you see any juniper shooters, remove them immediately. When providing a juniper removal  we remove as much of the root system as possible. We also can grind the stump and roots.

Juniper Removal

Removal may the best option if you’re trying to create a low maintenance lawn or if you want to provide room for other plants to grow.

Juniper plants are native to Colorado and can grow in many different kinds of soil as long as it provides ample drainage.

Juniper Removal

It is easy for a juniper bush to become overgrown and create a great deal of work

If you’re considering planting a bush in your yard, juniper plants are considered a rugged plant that can grow in many light conditions and survive drought conditions. Just remember that removing them is a chore compared to other hedge species.