Is Your Tree Removal Guy Ready for the Unexpected?

//Is Your Tree Removal Guy Ready for the Unexpected?

Is Your Tree Removal Guy Ready for the Unexpected?


Sometimes David says to me that with all my marketing knowledge I could go start a tree service. While good marketing is important, a tree service really stands out when the unexpected happens.

And the following illustrates why you should hire a tree service that is prepared.

On Friday, we were doing a routine tree removal. We received a call from the crew leader. In the process of felling the tree, it turned out that the roots had entangled with the water main and pulled it loose causing it to leak.

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The foreman has 20+ years of experience so he quickly diagnosed the situation, turned the main off and called for help.

Within an hour we were able to get a machine to the site and fix the problem, without a cost to the customer. Case closed.

How about that guy with the truck and a chainsaw you almost hired? What would he have done?

The truth is that it was an unavoidable problem; if that tree was coming out it was going to break that main. The customer was smart enough to hire a quality tree service prepared for the unexpected issues that come up during a tree removal.

Which is why I stick with the marketing stuff and let David and his crews handle the tree removals.



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