What better way to present great tree facts than in an infographic?  That’s why we developed this Infographic on Interesting Tree Facts.  Read through it to learn some TREEmendous TREE Facts.

Plant a tree today and watch the benefits grow!

Infographic on Interesting Tree Facts - ArborScape

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Interesting tree facts

  • Hospital patients have been shown to recover quicker when their room has a window view with a tree outside.
  • Trees in the city help moderate the heat island effect caused by pavement and buildings.
  • Because trees are a windbreak they can influence wind direction and reduce wind speed.
  • Well placed trees make you use less air conditioning in the summer due to shade and less heat in the winter due to wind breaking.
  • Fruit trees require less work than gardens and can have an extremely large bounty of fruit in the autumn harvest.
  • Trees provide homes and food for natural wildlife.
  • Flowering trees can provide aesthetic beauty to your home and lawn increasing the curb appeal.
  • Trees can provide an excellent place to relax due to the shade they provide for those warm summer days.
  • Air quality is improved through trees and other plants.  They take in the pollutants and give off oxygen. The pollutants are washed into the ground by rain water where it biodegrades.  Examples of pollutants they clean are ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Trees can provide privacy, emphasize views, or screen out objectionable views.
  • Trees reduce objectionable sounds usually caused by passing cars.
  • Well-taken care of trees have been shown to be a crime deterrent according to a study by U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest.  Their findings show that crime goes down because healthy trees are a sign that the area is well taken care of and that people will help each other here.
  • This is based on the “broken window theory” made popular by Malcolm Gladwell