How to Choose a Tree Service – Are Reviews Reliable?

//How to Choose a Tree Service – Are Reviews Reliable?

How to Choose a Tree Service – Are Reviews Reliable?

How do you choose a tree service to hire?

How do you know they’re reliable, trustworthy and competent?

They show up in your yellow pages, Google, and neighborly reviews – but show no proof of quality.

So, you narrow it down to a few companies that match the general criteria that you’re looking for. What next? These last few seem credible. Do I simply go by price at this point?

We believe that the best prediction of a company’s actions is based on its past actions. That’s why it’s imperative for you to look at reviews of their previous work.

A company with a history of mistakes that lead to expensive damages is likely to repeat this trend.

By checking with a third-party site, you’re finding more credible reviews than simply relying on the company’s internal testimonial page.

When browsing reviews, look for a company with a broad base of mostly positive reviews. If they have one or two negative reviews, don’t necessarily discard them, but look closer and determine whether the issue was resolved properly.

Try this list of resources with reviews of service companies:

Free Estimation Services  (HomeAdvisor) – The web is full of vendors who will give you several quotes from local tree cutting services.  For example, HomeAdvisor will match you up with tree services that  have the legal amount of insurance and proper certifications to operate.  These vendors have many customer reviews as well – but keep in mind Service Magic isn’t considered the most reliable vendor.

Angie’s List Members pay a yearly fee to read and share reviews of service companies.  Reviewed companies don’t pay to be listed but are able to buy sponsored listings.  Angie’s list is considered one of the most trusted review companies.

Tom Martino’s Referral List – Tom is well-known for seeking out companies that overcharge and rip off their customers. On his site he has a large database of referrals that help customers find the best quality service companies.

E-Verify –  If you’re concerned about illegal immigration, you can vote with your dollar by hiring tree firms that E-Verify.  Companies voluntarily comply to allow a third party service to audit all worker documents, making sure the company only hires US citizens.

ISA/ASCA/TCIA These are three of the largest professional organizations for arborists and tree services; if a tree service represents itself as a member of an organization, you can verify what they say by simply calling the local office – or visit the website to verify their membership.

Local consumer advocates –  Local TV and radio stations have been building lists of trusted companies highlighting ratings and local reputations.  Companies do pay to be listed on many of these websites.

Yelp –  Yelp has millions of people putting up reviews that are often humorous. Service companies cannot pay to be listed, but they may advertise their company.

The Better Business BureauOne of their great features is the ability to see whether a complaint was resolved or not.  A down side to BBB is the possible bias review due to the fact that companies pay to be listed creating a possible mutual  co-dependence.



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