A couple months back we did an article about a controversy between the HOA and the tenants in a Denver Apartment complex over the issue of removing trees from the property called Tree Removal Controversy – Denver Residents Upset at HOA”.

After much debate it was agreed, by the majority of the stakeholders, that the removal of the trees was a good thing to do.

By removing the trees:

  • Safety was improved because most of the trees were unhealthy and could fall over while others were too close to the apartment complex making a fire hazard.
  • It allowed other trees to flourish because many trees were planted too close together. Trees that are planted too close together fight over nutrients and space weakening both trees.

ArborScape has recently developed an interesting tree facts info-graphic that depicts the benefits of trees in our society.

We know trees and we also know that having your tree removed is a big deal. That’s why we make sure your Denver tree removal goes smoothly.  We never put personal profits in the way of a good job. If there is a chance to save your tree through preservation techniques like cabling and bracing, you’ll know about it. However, sometimes removal is the best and most sustainable option.