All I got to say is that a very well built fence prevented a many ton cottonwood from toppling onto Lowell Blvd. Luckily the fence was barely scraped. Typically an HOA would charge back a homeowner to fix that.

According to the city forester of Westminster, the tree had been like this for a couple of weeks.

Municipalities have the power to condemn a tree if it poses a threat to public safety. He said it didn’t come to that with the owner, who just needed a little urging to take care of it.

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IIt’s easy to put off removing a hazard tree. I’d say cottonwoods account for at least 50 percent of the hazard tree removals that we do.

And by hazard I mean much more dangerous. The longer you wait, the costlier it gets. Unless it falls over and smashes a house. Then the tree removal is easy and all you have to do is replace the house.