Get Cheap Stump Removal Prices

//Get Cheap Stump Removal Prices

Get Cheap Stump Removal Prices


Take it from me, your tree care advocate, tree stump removal is a negotiated price with room to move.

When you get a free quote from a tree service, they will take into account,

  • your house
  • your car
  • how much knowledge you seem to possess
  • how you found them

Then in creating a tree removal bid,  you will get the “lowest” price. Don’t stop there. Take it from a tree service insider, there is room to drop.

Stump removal Denver involves grinding the stump out of the ground.  It is considered a junior level job at a tree trimming company, for less skilled employees, meaning low labor costs.

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There is also very little material cost besides disposing of the debris from the stump.  That just leaves the cost of the grinding equipment and gas.  That all adds up to room to negotiate.  Not a negotiator? Let knowledge and confidence negotiate for you.

Try asking these three questions to the tree stump removal specialist.

  1. Ask for insurance and worker accident coverage.
  2. How will they access the stump?
  3. How long will the stump removal take?

Ask these questions and you establish yourself as someone who knows a bit about tree stump removal, even if you don’t.  The estimator will wonder if you have bids already and lower the price.

If you have a bit more courage ask him to drop the price three times. Then you’ll know you’re getting the contractors best price.  Most sales teams have three drops built into their pricing.

Don’t gouge them though, go for a win-win deal. If the arborist is skilled and friendly, treat him fairly as he’ll likely help you with your other tree care issues and save you money and head-aches down the road.



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