8 Reasons Why Should You Hire an Arborist

We start learning about the importance of trees before we are in grade school. Trees are so important that many people consider them the single most important thing on this planet next to bees. Trees play a tremendously important role in the environment, so much so that without them, most life forms, including humans, wouldn’t [...]

8 Reasons Why Should You Hire an Arborist2020-02-13T09:45:55-07:00

ArborScape is Proud to Announce its New Arborist Apprenticeship

As of 2019  “Arborist” is now considered a skilled trade by the Colorado Department of Labor. This is good news because allows tree care companies to establish apprenticeship programs. ArborScape Inc. is very proud to announce that we are now qualified to begin our own apprenticeship program and will begin training apprentices soon. We [...]

ArborScape is Proud to Announce its New Arborist Apprenticeship2019-12-19T12:04:41-07:00

Westminster Becomes the Next Victim of Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer was reported in Westminster for the first time, moving quickly from neighboring Broomfield to the north. “In late August, EAB was found and confirmed in Broomfield in the vicinity of Zuni Street and 132nd Ave. and 128th Ave. just across the street from Westminster,” said John Kasza, city forester for Westminster. “This [...]

Westminster Becomes the Next Victim of Emerald Ash Borer2019-10-09T12:52:10-06:00

Does My Town Have Watering Restrictions? 2019 Update

Last updated April 25, 2019 Updates on Colorado watering restrictions for Summer 2019. Denver Water will have restrictions on outdoor watering starting May 1st and continuing through Oct. 1, 2019. About 4 inches of rain has fallen in the Metro area so far in 2019 - which is [...]

Does My Town Have Watering Restrictions? 2019 Update2019-04-24T14:28:35-06:00

Aeration Time of Year: Is Aeration Better in Spring or Fall?

While the benefits of lawn aeration have been proven in many different parts of the country, it still isn't a practice that is embraced by every lawn care company out there. Reasons that are given include, Lack of demand.  Lack of time to schedule and perform the service. Resistance to the true utility ie they [...]

Aeration Time of Year: Is Aeration Better in Spring or Fall?2019-08-12T16:04:59-06:00

Arborist Terms and Quizzes

I'll admit. Most of our customers could care less about the difference between the phloem and the cambium or what the abiotic features of a tree are. They just want their tree healthy and looking good. But there are also the tree fanatics. This includes the Arborscape staff, who to an outsider, seem to have [...]

Arborist Terms and Quizzes2019-01-30T09:22:36-07:00

The Arborist of 2029 – Laser Branch Therapy – Part 2

Summary: This one is pretty out there and I don't see lasers actually doing much for the tree trimming and tree services world BUT what's a prediction if we aren't wrong. I found myself laughing at myself but enjoy! 1/09/2019 Lasers are a parallel technology that could affect the way a tree service trims and shapes [...]

The Arborist of 2029 – Laser Branch Therapy – Part 22019-01-02T15:50:32-07:00

Future Truck: The Arborist of 2029

Summary: We wrote this in 2011. While meant to be a different way of looking at how equipment will improve in your tree care, on reviewing this data in 2019, in some ways these things are happening but the widespread adoption is lagging. Tree services have been defined by important developments, such as the bucket [...]

Future Truck: The Arborist of 20292019-01-02T15:43:16-07:00

Seven Common Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid

It can seem impossible to obtain the lush green lawn that your customer desires. No matter what, it ends up looking patchy and unkempt. Here are seven common lawn care mistakes that may be causing these lawn woes. 1. Watering Issues In order to maintain a healthy lawn, the right amount of water must be [...]

Seven Common Lawn Care Mistakes to Avoid2018-09-05T13:12:07-06:00

Tips on Maintaining a Great Lawn

Fertilization On warm-season turf-grass species, withhold the first spring nitrogen application until soil temperatures at the 4-inch depth are consistently 65° F. I receive questions all the time about applying fertilizer early in the year especially when we have a warm February. Soil temperature data can to obtained by www.georgiaweather.net. This past week (Week of April [...]

Tips on Maintaining a Great Lawn2019-01-02T16:42:30-07:00

Controlling Ascochyta lawn blight

Question: I have noticed a few spots in the grass on one side of my house? Could it be something in the fertilizer that will go away or might it be a fungus?  Answer: We are seeing a whole lot of Ascochyta leaf blight all over Denver this year. The fungus is a leaf blight meaning it [...]

Controlling Ascochyta lawn blight2019-07-12T09:04:21-06:00

Troubleshooting Lawn Problems

A lush, healthy lawn is a huge factor in many irresistible landscapes - but spotting and addressing lawn problems can be difficult for even seasoned landscapers.  Read on: our quick tips for troubleshooting lawn problems. Insects Insects are occasionally easy to diagnose -if they’re not evident on the surface, they’re typically visible after rolling back [...]

Troubleshooting Lawn Problems2019-07-12T08:59:14-06:00

What do you mean, my tree was “frozen”? the November 2014 freeze and landscape damage

skip to: which trees were affected? :|: what should I do now? Seeing brown, silver or dead needles on your conifers? Have you been told by an arborist that your trees or shrubs have “freeze damage”? Read on for an explanation - and steps to take going forward to assist your landscape in recovering. The [...]

What do you mean, my tree was “frozen”? the November 2014 freeze and landscape damage2019-07-30T15:08:24-06:00

Pre Emergent Lawn Weed Control

  Our pre-emergent lawn fertilization round begins March 13th and will be available through april 15th depending on weather.  Sign up today for the most important fertilizer application of the year. Pre emergent lawn weed control helps prevent broadleaf weeds before they are established. While labeled a weed killer,  more simply it stops the seeds [...]

Pre Emergent Lawn Weed Control2019-07-12T08:59:13-06:00

Can I Save My Ash Tree? Should I?

November 19, 2013 EAB States and Provinces - Nov. 2013 Summary: Emerald ash borer (EAB) forces tree owners and managers to ask how ash trees can be saved, within a climate of limited tree care budgets.  Categorizing ash trees by treatment priority can lead to difficult but necessary decisions in creating an EAB [...]

Can I Save My Ash Tree? Should I?2019-06-13T14:24:22-06:00

Emerald Ash Borer Update 10/21/2013

10/21/2013 - Denver, CO  We've been getting more information about the site in Boulder, CO where emerald ash borer (EAB) was found.  It centers around four trees within a couple of blocks, one fully dead ash tree and three others with D-shaped holes, S-shaped galleries and larval stage EAB. The presence of dead, adult EAB [...]

Emerald Ash Borer Update 10/21/20132018-08-24T17:44:18-06:00

My Tree is Growing into Power Lines

  8/19/2013 A customer asked us if his pine should be removed since it outgrew its space and is now entangled in power lines. Selective pruning is usually possible to give clearance to power lines while keeping the tree. However, making the tree pleasing to the eye isn't always possible, depending on how much needs [...]

My Tree is Growing into Power Lines2017-06-06T14:26:29-06:00

Tree Service Reviews Where to Look

  Updated 8/12/2013 One way to evaluate different horticultural contractors is to shop around and talk to different tree and lawn care businesses. We personally think this is the long way around (not to mention a lot of time to invest in hiring a contractor). Instead we suggest our clients piggyback on what others have said [...]

Tree Service Reviews Where to Look2019-06-18T13:54:03-06:00

What Causes Toadstools in Lawns?

After a few days of rain and overcast skies, many of our Denver lawn service clients are asking, " Why are we getting so many toadstools in our lawn? And how do we get rid of them?" Even though toadstools are a fungus, fungicides or products that kill fungus are a waste of time on [...]

What Causes Toadstools in Lawns?2019-12-19T13:31:36-07:00

Tedx Talk with Arborist Chris Gerards

A quick roundup of a Tedx talk with Board Certified Arborist, Chris Gerards   Highlights: "Plant the best tree you can afford." "Never raise the branches above its natural growth or in other words never raise the skirt above the crotch." "The arborist creates a suspension of belief at their best, where the tree is trimmed [...]

Tedx Talk with Arborist Chris Gerards2019-12-19T13:31:12-07:00

Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Bad Conditions

  With record setting temperatures and extreme drought conditions how can Colorado homeowners keep their lawns green and weed free? Throughout the Colorado region homeowners are struggling to keep their lawns healthy.  This damage will take several season for most homeowners to fix the lawn problems that will be created this season. So what are [...]

Keep Your Lawn Healthy in Bad Conditions2015-10-01T14:34:07-06:00

Removing the Stake from a Tree? (picture)

  A question we get from time to time is about staking a tree or more specifically, should I remove the stake of a young tree? The answer is yes 99 percent of the time. In fact this post is more about why it is usually unnecessary to stake a tree. Reasons to stake a [...]

Removing the Stake from a Tree? (picture)2018-07-19T17:14:05-06:00

Use Revive and Get That Greener Lawn

Do you want your lawn to be greener, healthier and more lush?  We may have what your looking for.  Revive is a product we are now offering to help green up your lawn.  Revive is an organic based product with added wetting agents. Revive is composed of processed organic plant bi-product and decomposed extract. It [...]

Use Revive and Get That Greener Lawn2019-07-12T08:59:14-06:00

Mountain Landscape Conditions in 2013

  Outlook for Mountains Dry Our Colorado mountain landscape is in rough shape due to the 2012 fires that have destroyed acres of trees and wildlife coupled with the continued destruction by the Mountain Pine Beetles (MPB) and IPS Beetles that have continued their march of destruction through our forests. MPB activity was lower in [...]

Mountain Landscape Conditions in 20132019-06-12T12:21:32-06:00

Mandatory Watering Restrictions Start April 1st, 2013

  Update June 26, 2013 - Denver Water moved to a Stage 1 alert from Stage 2 meaning you can water three days per week. Have you checked out Denver Water lately? If you have you'd know a stage 2 drought is in effect. This means we have 2 outside watering days a week, starting in [...]

Mandatory Watering Restrictions Start April 1st, 20132018-07-19T17:14:08-06:00

Lawn Care 2013 – Drought Demands Early Action

The 2013 spring season is upon us - now is the time to get your lawn ready for the coming year. Already Denver Water is setting expectations for 2013: "A dry winter across Colorado has led to low snowpack, and mountain streamflows are expected to be well below normal. This follows a dry 2012, in [...]

Lawn Care 2013 – Drought Demands Early Action2017-12-28T15:39:24-07:00

New Dangers and Tree Pests for Colorado in 2013

 Whats in store for 2013? Assuming the heat and drought continue through the spring months, old tree pests and diseases will spread quickly and new ones may be introduced to the Colorado landscape. Here is the latest from the United States Drought Monitor Colorado is considered to be in a state of "extreme drought" or [...]

New Dangers and Tree Pests for Colorado in 20132019-07-12T09:01:39-06:00

Winter Mite Control

When your lawn looks silvery and wilted in the summer, it might need a treatment that can only be done in winter. A miticide sprayed on the lawn in early winter helps reduce mite populations - and the damage they cause. We perform two applications, the first being in December, and the second in February or March, [...]

Winter Mite Control2017-06-06T14:26:29-06:00

Winter Watering Trees | Prevent Drought Stress

  Most homeowners realize the need for watering trees in the growing season. However, it's just as important during the winter months, defined as October through March in the arboricultural community. Drought effects on trees can take up to 5 years to show.  As much of our state suffered from Abnormally Dry conditions during 2015, we can [...]

Winter Watering Trees | Prevent Drought Stress2018-07-23T10:29:53-06:00

Should I Cut Down My Hollow Tree?

 Do you have a hollow tree? If so, here are some tips to consider whether it should be cut down. In late October, we removed a silver maple that had blown over during a storm with high winds. "The wind blew it over and it turned out to be hollow," said one of our crew members, of [...]

Should I Cut Down My Hollow Tree?2017-06-06T14:26:32-06:00

Lawn Fertilization Denver

  In season Denver lawn fertilization promotes a lush turf with fewer weeds and less work. Early spring and late fall fertilization has a different goal, building roots, a foundation of a thrilling lawn experience. Tree service Denver lawn fertilization will put nutrients deep into the root zone. By doing this the grass will develop [...]

Lawn Fertilization Denver2018-03-14T10:22:22-06:00

HOA and Tree Removal

 A couple months back we did an article about a controversy between the HOA and the tenants in a Denver Apartment complex over the issue of removing trees from the property called “Tree Removal Controversy - Denver Residents Upset at HOA”. After much debate it was agreed, by the majority of the stakeholders, that the [...]

HOA and Tree Removal2019-06-12T12:21:08-06:00

2012 Tree Climbing Competition

  It's time for the ISA-RMC 2012 Tree Climbing Competition.  Competition starts on Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6, 2012 in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is an exciting time for tree climbers who work diligently on their tree climbing abilities all year and are finally able to compete and show off their skills to [...]

2012 Tree Climbing Competition2015-10-01T14:34:43-06:00

How to Stop Pet Urine Spots

 So you're an animal lover and yard enthusiast.  You take pride in the health and vigor of your lawn but you also enjoy pets, who also enjoy the yard as much as you do. Unfortunately your furry friends can wreak havoc on your lawn digging up holes, rolling in the grass and worst of all [...]

How to Stop Pet Urine Spots2019-06-12T12:21:04-06:00

Infographic on Interesting Tree Facts

  What better way to present great tree facts than in an infographic?  That's why we developed this Infographic on Interesting Tree Facts.  Read through it to learn some TREEmendous TREE Facts. Plant a tree today and watch the benefits grow! Share This Infographic on Your Blog or Website! Interesting tree facts Hospital patients have [...]

Infographic on Interesting Tree Facts2017-06-09T15:22:19-06:00

How to Keep Rabbits from Eating the Lawn

Rabbits reproduce at an extremely fast pace. Learning how to keep rabbits from eating the lawn or garden can seem impossible. "This year I have seen more rabbit damage in lawns than ever before," Jeff Disler, plant health care consultant. "Especially in south metro areas like Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock, just everywhere. " Disler, [...]

How to Keep Rabbits from Eating the Lawn2018-07-19T17:14:29-06:00

Lawn Weed Control Tips for the New Homeowner

 Congratulations on buying your new house! Now that you have made an exciting new investment it is time to consider how you can optimize your new home. The lawn is a great place to start adding value while making your new investment look great. The question you may be pondering is where to start, especially [...]

Lawn Weed Control Tips for the New Homeowner2015-10-01T14:34:44-06:00

How to Keep Deer from Eating Your Plants

For houses located in the foothills or mountains, seeing deer can be a normal part of home life.  As beautiful as deer are, the damage they create to your lawn and trees can be costly. Learning how to keep deer from eating your plants can be a trial and error process with no easy solutions. [...]

How to Keep Deer from Eating Your Plants2019-07-12T09:40:18-06:00

Oak Tree Care Question

  We received a question on oak tree care from New Jersey so we took that as a prompt to discuss oak trees, a species that isn't as common in Colorado. The caller who asked the question had an extremely large oak that was beginning to die back. Because oaks require a great deal of [...]

Oak Tree Care Question2018-07-19T17:14:02-06:00

How is a Denver Tree Value Determined?

  One of the most basic ideas in tree value is that of a comp or comparable. Trees in the same neighborhood, say Washington Park, that are the same species and the same age will have the same value.  If that same tree is located in eastern Aurora, it will have a different value and if [...]

How is a Denver Tree Value Determined?2019-06-12T12:21:32-06:00

(Video) Too Much Rain Could Damage Your Tree, Said Denver Consulting Arborist

  While it's nice to have such a wet spring, especially for lawns, Denver trees are getting damaged by too much water. Our friend, Bill Cassel, a consulting arborist in Denver, was interviewed about this on 9News last week.    “We have had an extremely dry winter and now with all the moisture we have had, the soil [...]

(Video) Too Much Rain Could Damage Your Tree, Said Denver Consulting Arborist2017-06-06T14:26:36-06:00

How to Review a Tree Service

  Tree services are a dime a dozen. They advertise in the Yellow Pages, knock on your door after a bad storm, get referred to you by neighbors. Just because they are a name you’ve heard or your neighbor recommended doesn’t mean they are consistently thorough and good. So once you’ve narrowed it down to [...]

How to Review a Tree Service2017-06-06T14:26:36-06:00

Download eBooks About Trees

Download any of the following. Thanks Why Hire an Arborist,” by the International Society of Arboriculture. This 4 page ebook is the best in the “you-better-hire-an-arborist-or-else” genre of usually deadly dull and self serving ebooks,  articles and web pages put together by local arborists. This ebook is not a page turner but it’s only 4 pages. I [...]

Download eBooks About Trees2017-06-09T14:58:01-06:00

Organic Fruit Tree Care – Treatment Methods (Part 2)

  In Part 1 of Organic Fruit Tree Care we discussed some organic ways to keep your fruit tree free of disease and pests. Part 2 will give you some ideas of what to do if your fruit tree does become susceptible to disease and pests. Remember that a certified tree care specialist can guide you [...]

Organic Fruit Tree Care – Treatment Methods (Part 2)2017-06-06T14:26:38-06:00

Organic Fruit Tree Care – Preventative Medicine (Part 1)

  As you are probably aware, your ornamental fruit tree is susceptible to disease and bugs. Whether you desire an ornamental fruit tree for its aesthetics or you wish to pick fruit off your tree, you should develop a plan to help the tree fight off these pesky predators. And what better way to help [...]

Organic Fruit Tree Care – Preventative Medicine (Part 1)2017-06-06T14:26:38-06:00

Tree Removal Destroys House in Akron, OH

  Professional Arborist tip #158. – Make sure crane is large enough to handle the full weight of the tree being removed :) This crane somehow ends up going through the roof on this tree removal. Picture from Blooma Tree Care Blog. [hs_form id="6"] In 2013 Fort Collins had a similar incident when a 25 [...]

Tree Removal Destroys House in Akron, OH2019-06-18T13:13:56-06:00

Sun Scald and Tree Wrapping

  Young trees, newly planted trees, and thin-barked trees are most susceptible to a process called sun scald, or southwest injury. On a sunny winter day, the bark temperature of your tree can increase 20 degrees higher than the air temperature. This can cause tree cells to come out of dormancy and become active. When [...]

Sun Scald and Tree Wrapping2017-06-06T14:26:42-06:00

Odd Tree Facts

  Apropos of nothing but interesting… - Trees have uses we’ve never known about;  To name a few from the list: swings, lacquer, boat caulking, tambourines, sausage casings, and hockey sticks! – World’s oldest living tree discovered in California in 2009. It’s a Jurupa oak, it’s 13,000 years old, and it has renewed itself to [...]

Odd Tree Facts2017-06-06T14:26:42-06:00

Four and a Half Ways to Control Aphids

  In our last post, “Ladybugs Feast on the Most Common Garden Pests: Aphids” we discussed one of nature’s ways to control aphids – the mighty ladybug. There are also a few other ways that you can mitigate aphid propagation. 1) Examine Your Plants then Prune or Blast with Water Word on the street is [...]

Four and a Half Ways to Control Aphids2019-06-05T16:52:54-06:00

Why Does Denver Not Have a BioFuel Processing Facility?

It's surprising that there’s no bio-mass conversion facility in Denver metro. Woody plants and chips from trees are a growing renewable resource that can fire power plants. A conversion facility for chips and other wood seems like a good idea for Denver for three reasons. The building and operation of conversion plants create good, permanent [...]

Why Does Denver Not Have a BioFuel Processing Facility?2019-07-26T10:50:04-06:00
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