Back to School Tree Care

//Back to School Tree Care

Back to School Tree Care

The school year is underway – and whether your children are excited to go back, or despise the idea, it’s important to make sure the rest of summer is enjoyable for all.  And although children are exponentially more important than your trees, there’s no reason why you can’t take care of both.  Because most plant health care activities are in the spring and fall, you shouldn’t have to spend much time making sure your trees are healthy, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your late summer with the kids.

End of summer musts:

Much like you and your kids, in extreme heat your trees are in need of an optimal watering.

Skip going to the pool and instead turn on the sprinklers, under your tree, and let the kids play in the water.  Make sure to move the water every half hour to not drown the trees roots. This is a cheap and great way to spend time with your kids and take care of the yard.

Dry and summer conditions can cause heat stress

If you haven’t watered recently, check for scorched, wilted or dead leaves – signs of heat stress.  Heat stress can have an extremely negative effect on the tree weakening its vascular system making it brittle and potentially dangerous for kids climbing them.  If you see these signs the best thing you can do is water the tree properly. A tree cools itself, through transpiration, similar to humans. Trees release water through their leaves to cool down, similar to sweat out of our skin.  If the tree lacks water it will become dehydrated and over heated, resulting in a damaged or stressed tree.


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