Back to School Tree Care Part 2

//Back to School Tree Care Part 2

Back to School Tree Care Part 2


Continued from Back to School Tree Care, Part 1

Another great way to keep your tree hydrated and prevent scorching is to place mulch around the base.  This will help keep the soil moist while feeding your tree nutrients from the broken down mulch.  When applying,  make sure the mulch isn’t right up against the trunk of the tree and that the mulch circle is at least three feet wide.

Back to School Tree Care

Some things to look for in your trees this summer:

  • Bugs:  The majority of destructive insects strike in spring but during the summer keep a look out for Japanese beetles and Bag-worms.
  • Herbicide:  Make sure that herbicides the you use on your lawn are safe for trees and people. Many weed killing sprays can hurt your trees. Check the products warning label.

Back to School Tree Care

  • Pruning:  Summer is a great time to prune your trees so follow the three D’s and cut off the 1. dead, 2. diseased, or 3. damaged branches.  Trim a Maple tree now and it won’t bleed when it comes out of its dormant state next spring.
  • Fall Fertilization: If your tree is showing signs that it needs fertilization receive a deep root fertilization from your local tree care company.
  • Tree Planting: Don’t have any trees to take care of?  Fall is the perfect time to plant a tree.  When planting a tree make sure you understand what kind of tree you want to grow.  Do you want it to be an ornamental tree, fruit tree, or shade tree?  After you’ve decided what you want your tree for check out the Colorado Tree Coalition’s website and find specific facts about all the trees that grow in Colorado. Plant the right tree this fall and add some beauty to your property!

Whether your kids are looking forward to school or dreading the idea make sure to enjoy the last weeks of summer with those you care about.




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