Aerial Lifts Gone Hybrid

//Aerial Lifts Gone Hybrid

Aerial Lifts Gone Hybrid


In the tree care industry being green is surprisingly hard.  The tree care industry requires many gas powered tools that, historically, do not have environmentally friendly options. However, new hybrid technology is changing that.

Equipment that a tree service relies on,

  • Aerial lifts
  • Chain saws
  • Stump grinders
  • Aerators

New technology is being marketed that defies the normal logic that gas powered tools are the only option for large scale tree work.

One of the biggest energy consumers in the tree trimming process is the aerial lift or bucket.  A busy bucket truck consumes thousands of gallons of  gas every year.  This is partially due to the large size of the vehicle but also because the trimmer must maneuver the bucket in and out of the trees as he does his work.

This requires the truck to remain running throughout the job thus consuming gas for hours.  A full day of tree trimming  means the vehicle is will burn gas even if the truck never moves.

hybrid aerial lift

New hybrid technology is becoming powerful enough to be effective at tree trimming while making a major improvement on gas consumption. They have put on the market hybrid aerial lifts that allow the truck to move the bucket, air condition the car and run hydraulic or electric power tools all with the vehicle turned off! These lifts use a hybrid pony motor positioned at the base of the unit.

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The new aerial lifts requires 6 hours for the battery to be fully charged. It can be recharged on the job by running the diesel for a few minutes. This new technology is estimated to reduce gas consumption by up to 1,200 gallons per truck per year, according to the truck makers’ calculations.

Altec Industries,  a leader in the manufacturing of aerial lifts and truck technology,  believes hybrid aerial lifts have the potential to revolutionize the industry.  For tree care they offer four mid-range hybrid variations EO 23GT, 25T, 30T and 36T.

Hybrid technology is finally proving itself functional, helpful to bottom line efficiencies and great for sustainable enterprises. ArborScape plans to start retrofitting its fleet with proven hybrid technologies.



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