It’s time for the ISA-RMC 2012 Tree Climbing Competition.  Competition starts on Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6, 2012 in Fort Collins, Colorado.

This is an exciting time for tree climbers who work diligently on their tree climbing abilities all year and are finally able to compete and show off their skills to their fellow climbers.

This year, the competition will be open to competing and recreational climbers. As usual, space is limited and this year it will be open to 30 competing climber and 10 recreational climbers.

Tree climbing competitions like this are a great way for arborists to learn about all the new technology, methods and techniques that other arborists and tree climbers use. The competitors showoff the highest level of safety and skill in a professional competitive environment that is conducive to learning.

The competition is based on the working conditions of arborists and tree climbers that work in the field.  Both male and female climbers compete in five preliminary events.  These events test the competitor’s ability to safely and professionally maneuver in the tree while performing work related tasks.

The tree climbing competition is open to the public. Come out and see a different kind of competition and learn how much work and skill these modern day tree climber posses.

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History of the Competition

The first Tree Climbing Competition was held in California. It was designed so that they could train skills that would help prepare climbers, equipped with only a rope, to save a life in an aerial rescue.  As time went on, more and more tree care companies encouraged their employees to compete.

Over the years new events and techniques were introduced to the competition as well as a formal set of rules and guidelines to encourage a better and more accurate competition.

Now the competitions are international with climbers from all over the world.  The industry and in turn society has benefited from the competition by helping tree climbers and manufacturers come together raising the the level of quality you see in their work.