2012 Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner!

//2012 Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner!

2012 Colorado Arbor Day Poster Contest Winner!

Colorado Arbor Day

2012 Arbor Day Poster Winner

The winner of this years “Arbor Day Poster Contest” is Carson Elementary’s Remy Biggs.  Remy’s poster, which depicted how we should Celebrate Trees in our Community is on display at the state capital through April 23rd.

Along with her poster are 40 posters that won in their respective schools.  The winner was decided by the Colorado Tree Coalition.  Judges choose the best poster based on how it reflected the chosen theme.

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From over 750 posters to choose from, the judges picked Remy’s because the theme was perfectly depicted by her drawing of an apple tree filled with birds and animals while being surrounded by children appreciating nature and holding signs depicting a love for trees.  The poster was beautifully drawn with an eye for detail beyond most 5th graders’ aesthetic abilities.

Remy’s father spoke to the group talking about how great this contest was for his child and how it brought together two of her passions, art and trees.  He then began to tell a story  about how Remy used to climb one particular tree everyday at school and then it was cut down and how devastated she was by this.  Although she loved that particular tree winning this competition will allow the school to plant more trees around the school, ensuring a beautiful landscape and a smile on Remy’s face.

Bigg’s poster was recognized in the state capital by her family, Denver City Forester Rob Davis, Senior Arboreal Inspector Doug Schoch, ArborScapes’ Communications Director Matt Johnson and a handful of  prominent tree enthusiasts within the community.

Over the last two years ArborScape, alongside the Colorado Tree Coalition, has sponsored this contest encouraging the arts and the importance of trees in our community.  Check out the 2013 winner.

Colorado Arbor Day

This Years Winner Remmy Biggs


Colorado Arbor Day

     2011 winner by Jeneva Moreno




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