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ArborScape – Denver’s Tree Service And Lawn Leader

Arborscape Tree Service Uses Modern Technology Across Its Divisions

Thousands of happy homeowners and property owners throughout Denver Metro have chosen ArborScape Services


Who We Are

ArborScape Services cares for your trees and lawns as if they were our own! Since 1996, we’ve grown to be Denver’s premier tree service company of choice. We take great pride in our work. The products and horticulture techniques we use are some of the best in the business. We are your complete tree and lawn care specialists with over 40 years of professional service. 

Tree and lawn care is not just a job—it is an art form. We believe that our passion for this art is what separates ArborScape from all the rest, as well as experience in the field and continuing education.


On Site Tree Care Evaluations

We specialize in all of your tree care needs throughout the Denver Metro area

On-Site Lawn Care Evaluations

Free, fast on-site lawn service evaluations for all types of properties

Horticulture With Passion

ArborScape is passionate about the work we do, and it shows through all of our services

Mother Nature In Mind

ArborScape takes pride in using eco-friendly equipment & sprays

Turf Health Care Needs

We Specialize In All Your Turf Health Care Needs throughout Denver

Horticulture With Passion

ArborScape's is passionate about the work we do and it shows through all of our services

On-Site Lawn Care Evaulations

Free, Fast On-Site Lawn Service Evaluations for all types of properties

Mother Nature in Mind

ArborScape takes pride in using Eco-Friendly equipment & sprays

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Did You Know?

In 2017, The United States Department of Labor named the arborist profession an official “skilled trade,” which allows for apprenticeship programs united by nationwide standards. ArborScape is one of only a handful of Colorado companies that is currently participating in the apprenticeship program.

Tree Trimming

Since 1996 arborscape has been the tree trimming denver pro and the first call to ten of thousands of customers when a tree needs to be maintained or saved. there is a lot more to this work than just providing clearance for buildings and pedestrians.

For larger yards and campus management, read about our canopy management services.


Professional Tree Spraying

Arborscape’s tree spraying service plans are the best tree and bush spraying treatments in denver. a professionally executed plant health care program prevents tree insects and controls the disease. this is how we make a qualitative difference in your outdoor space.

Our goal is to keep trees and bushes lush and beautiful by keeping disease away and fending off encroaching pests.

When you hire arborscape, a plant healthcare technician will examine your tree for undesirable insects and lack of nutrients in the soil, determining the tree spraying program that will help your landscape look its best.


Denver Tree Removal

The best way to cut costs of tree removal is to remove undesirable trees before they reach maturity.

The larger they grow, the larger the tree removal can cost.

Arborscape will address trees that are sick or leaning. Toppling can occur without warning. Most trees fail in the days following a storm because the root system and trunk become saturated with water. If the storm system is accompanied by wind gusts, this will create even more of a hazard and don’t forget about our wet, heavy snows in march and april.

Stump Removal

The removal of your stump will be done by an experienced, licensed stump removal team.

Our satisfied customers throughout the denver metro area will attest to this.

Our trained technicians will assess the situation and provide you with a stump removal quote.

We, will, remove your stump quickly and safely, as well as fill hole and groom, the surrounding area after we have completed the work. You can count on it looking clean and the work done to denver codes.

Lawn Services

Arborscape offers a range of lawn service programs to choose from ranging from comprehensive programs to one-time treatments.

Unlike other lawn care services, with arborscape, there is no obligation or contract for ongoing lawn service — you can cancel with one day’s notice.

What is common for your colorado yard is that dry and nutrient-deficient soil can make certain types of grass struggle to survive and may require fairly intensive watering and weed control spraying to keep the grass green and thick.


Every Customer is Family

How Was Your Service with ArborScape?

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If you are displeased with our work, please email us and we will contact you immediately.

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 3.39.43 PM
Arborscape tree service, they do a great job. there techs are very good at what they do, i would recommend them for tree removal
Maurice Martinez
Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 3.39.43 PM
Only issue was could of done a little better job of cleaning up after grinding. Did not feel that it was a deal breaker. Would more than likely use them again.
Stephen Hansen
Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 3.39.43 PM
Professional, on time and excellent workmanship.
Gerald Wilson